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Katie & Connor at Morgan Creek Barn

Katie & Connor were married on August 27th, 2023 set against the backdrop of Morgan Creek's modern chic barn.

Adding an extra touch of whimsy and camaraderie, the bridesmaids sported homemade shirts adorned with the groom's face and the playful proclamation of 'Sorry Ladies, He's Taken!'

Before the heartfelt vows were even spoken, Katie & Connor shared a quiet and intimate moment, exchanging handwritten letters that expressed their hopes, dreams, and promises for each other.

As the anticipation rose, the moment arrived for Katie to step into her gown! Just before the ceremony, Katie & Connor then embraced the nerves and excitement with a 'first touch.'

Then it was time for the ceremony!

In a heartwarming surprise, the groom's mother had a custom-made pillow created of the couple's beloved dog, which held the wedding rings.

Amidst heartfelt moments and personalized touches, Katie & Connor celebrated their new marriage.

The wedding party then transformed the recessional into a vibrant display of their individual personalities, with each member breaking into spontaneous and lively dances or striking fun poses.

Then it was time for my favorite part of the day, photographing the couple's romantic portraits.

At last, it was party time.

As the evening sky embraced the stars, Katie & Connor bid farewell to their guests with a sparkler-lit exit that painted the night with magic. Their getaway car, lovingly decorated by the bridal party, stood ready to whisk them away into the future.


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