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Jessica & Justin at Kindred Oaks

These two lovebirds tied the knot on April 24th 2022.

Bride and groom hold hands and walk towards the camera

Groom sees bride for first time during first look

Bride smiling holding hands with groom

Bride with long train dress walking with groom

Bride and groom kiss in front of large LOVE sign

Groom kisses brides hand in front of large love sign

Groom pushes bride sitting on swing

Reception hall at Kindred Oaks

Reception decor at kindred oaks

Reception decor at kindred oaks

Sweet heart table at kindred oaks

Wedding cake at kindred oaks with white and pink roses

View from behind of father walking with bride

Bride and groom first kiss at kindred oaks

Bride and groom walk back down isle at kindred oaks and guests throw red roses

Bride and groom have their first dance at kindred oaks

Close up of bride smiling at groom with veil blowing


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