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Liina & JJ's Colorful, Wild, Dance Party Wedding

Updated: May 12, 2023

Liina & JJ were married on April 23rd, 2022 at The Estate on Lake Travis.

Their wedding was far from ordinary. From a rainbow wedding dress and pink cactus suit, to a neon dance party for the reception. These two knew how to have a good time.

The wedding decor was all handmade and instead of having flower girls welcome them down the isle--they had flower men! Liina & JJ knew their guests were going to want to take lots of pictures and so they included a photo 'dance' moment during their ceremony so the guests could take all the photos they wanted.

After the ceremony, the couple explored the boat docks while the guests enjoyed a pie buffet. Then after photos, Liina put her party outfit on; a rainbow sequin jumpsuit. The party didn't stop there--it went late into the night as their guests all laughed and danced together.


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