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Keashona & Willie at Montecito Club

Keashona & Willie at Montecito Club in Santa Barbara, California on June 18th, 2022.

Wide exterior shot of Montecito Club
Water fountian at Montecito Club

Bride's dress hands in front of window at Montecito Club
Wedding rings on top of wedding invitations
Pearl wedding shows on top of veil

Bridesmaids' react to bride in wedding dress for the first time
Bride smiles with sunlight behind her
three flower girls smile as they walk down the isle
Full photo of ceremony site with blue skies and a ceremony sign that says pick a seat not a side
Groom wipes away a tear as bride walks down the isle
Bride holds son during wedding ceremony and holds hands with the groom

Bride and groom kiss in front os a large window inside the montecito club in santa barbara


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