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Designing Jewelry for Kendra Scott with UT Austin & TXA

In Fall of 2020, I took what would become one of my top favorite classes ever taught by Jessica Ciarla.

In UT Austin’s TXA 365 Accessory Design, Development, and Merchandising course partnered with Kendra Scott & the WEL Institute, us students learned how to design and market jewelry from start to finish! At the end of the semester, the public voted on their favorite piece to actually be produced and sold by Kendra Scott.

These photos are sketches, CADs, and marketing ideas that my team and I created. We created a locket earring & necklace with an interchangeable gemstone that could be swapped out as desired. The final CAD was done by the KS design team based on our ideas. While our team’s piece wasn’t selected in the public vote, it was an amazing experience and I am now partnered with the class as their ongoing videographer!

Watch the video from when I took the course.


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